Marinda Kruger

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About Me

I want you to feel the same as I do. Healthy and full of energy. You can never make a mistake by joining this winning team.
Life is so great , with health and your weight in place how can you not feel great!

My Success Story

I have always been on the move running around and never thinking of my health and then also my weight. I have found by following the program my energy levels have changed to the better and also how to plan. Planning is the essence of the program. Don’t skip meals you need all the meals on your program. I am here to help and guide you as I have learnt to with my busy lifestyle.

My Weigh-Less promise to you, my Member, is to support and mentor you on your weight loss journey, conveying the wisdom gained through my experiences. At our hour-long Group meeting you can expect the following of me: I will set up for the first 15 minutes, thereafter weigh-in will commence. Once all my Members have been weighed, I will then consult with new and re-join Members. For the last 15 minutes I will deliver a motivational talk, to encourage and motivate you on your weight loss journey.

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079 153 3027

Weigh-Less Call Centre:
Tel: 0861 100 551

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