Fast Track your Weight Loss this Summer

There are just  weeks before most of us switch off our computers, unpack the schoolbags, clean out the lockers, say goodbye to our work colleagues, pack away our work wardrobe and take out our summer outfits. That’s right! It will soon be the official summer holidays.

The problem is, the weeks leading up to the 16th December are usually the most stressful. Before we get to relax and unwind, we first have to get through and array of hurdles. For one we are tired - 2021 has been exhausting! Then there are the exams, end of year school commitments, work functions, deadlines, last minute meetings and tying up loose ends before we can finally say “It’s holiday time!”

Who needs the added stress of not feeling good about themselves as the summer holidays approach?

With weeks to go, you do not need to sprint towards the finish line. The Weigh-Less Fast Track to Summer Plan has been carefully developed to take you through the most stressful weeks, to help you emerge into the December holidays fitter, healthier, leaner and inspired.