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    The Weigh-Less Journey

    What to expect on your journey to Target Weight.

    • On the week that you join, you will receive a personalised Goal Weight assessment and be assigned a healthy Goal Weight that will be divided into smaller achievable steps together with a specific Weigh-Less formula.
    • Your formula may need to be changed to meet your changing needs, so please inform your Group Leader if any of your needs change, such as stopping or starting exercise, a busy social life, or a change in stress levels.
    • Your Eating  Plan will be explained to you after your first weigh-in. You can ask your Group Leader to repeat this explanation to you at any stage through your journey to Goal Weight.
    • You will be Profiled according to your lifestyle factors and be given an A, B or C profile. This is determined by your personality, lifestyle factors and the way you approach food. Each Profile will be given different coping strategies dependent on their Profile as well as specific Break-Out rules to suit each Profile.
    • Your caring Group Leader will contact you within 72 hours of your first weekly Group meeting to make sure you are managing and to answer any questions you may have. Please inform your Group Leader when the best times are to contact you.
    • Important things to discuss with your Group Leader include feeling hungry or very full on the Steps to Success Plan, if there are certain foods that are unfamiliar to you or any foods you cannot eat, and to request any assistance in understanding the Steps to Success Plan.
    • You are encouraged to attend your weekly Group meetings so that your Group Leader can monitor your weight loss progress and provide individualised advice along with a short, motivational Group talk. Let your Group Leader know what your week has been like and where it has been difficult to follow the eating plan so that you can be given the necessary coping interventions. As a visual aid of your weekly progress, your Group Leader will plot your weight journey on your Weigh-Less Step Chart.

    The Journey through the Steps

    Every Weigh-Less member is an individual with a certain amount of weight to lose before achieving his/her Goal Weight. For this reason, the Weigh-Less Plan is designed to ensure that YOU, the member, drive your own progress through the programme with the support of your Group Leader.

    Advancement through the programme is therefore dependent on your personal commitment and your weight loss progress.

    The Weigh-Less Weight Management Programme is divided into 10 Steps. On Step 1 your Group Leader will calculate your weight loss Steps according to the total amount of weight you need to lose. Movement from one weight loss Step to the next is determined by your weekly weight losses. If you lose weight, you will move to a higher Step, with a greater variety of food choices and more flexibility in terms of weighing and measuring food portions. If you gain weight, you will move to a lower Step, with stricter, weighed food choices.

    For each of the 10 Steps that you will pass through on your journey to Goal Weight, you will be given specific Step Rules to follow, so as to optimise and ensure consistent weight loss.

    Lower Step Rules emphasise ‘best’ food choices and accurate weighing of food using a food scale. Higher Step Rules emphasise appropriate food choices (‘Good’, ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ foods) and using household measurements.

    As you move through the weight loss Steps, you will receive new dietary Step rules, applicable to the Step you are on. These rules teach you valuable facts about nutrition that you will never forget. Before you leave your Group meeting, make sure you understand your new dietary rules.

    Weight Loss Health Improvement and Step Awards will be presented to you to recognise your weight losses and movement through the different weight loss Steps. When you reach Steps 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10 you will receive meal options applicable to that Step. Each month In Group Weigh-Less will have exciting promotions to inspire you to achieve Target Weight and beyond!

    The week after you reach Goal Weight, you will begin the Additions programme – a 4-step programme designed to stabilise your body at your new Goal Weight and prepare you for a lifelong Weigh-Less lifestyle as your portions are increased.

    On successful completion of the four Additions, you will be awarded your Goal Weight Membership Certificate and receive your Goal Weight pack containing your Goal Weight Member Booklet which includes your Luxury Foods List. This proves to you that you have fully understood the concept behind a healthy lifestyle, and you have been successful in living it!

    Finally, as proof of Weigh-Less’ on-going support, you can now weigh-in once a month at no charge or pay the current Goal Weight member fee and weigh-in every week if required (and continue receiving motivation and the confirmation of your success). To retain your Weigh-Less Goal Weight Membership, you will need to remain within 2kg of your Weigh-Less Goal Weight.

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