What Happens in a Weigh-Less Group

  1. You will be welcomed by a friendly group assistant who will be attending to all your needs and ensures that the Weigh-Less experience is delivered in accordance with the company standards

  2. A membership enrolment form would need to be completed and to ensure you are medically accepted into the Weigh-Less programme

  3. The group assistant will explain the fee structure and explain the different types of payment methods

  4. A warm, caring and empathetic group leader who has walked the same path as you, the group leader will welcome you to the Weigh-Less programme and will conduct a goal weight assessment, your weight,height,age and frame size would determine your ideal goal weight

  5. The weigh in area is situated away from the rest of the group and is a private and confidential

  6. Your group leader will explain the weeks plan with you and answers all queries or concerns that you may have

  7. You will then be introduced to the group of successful members who are on the Weigh-Less programme and will offer you support on your journey to Goal Weight

  8. Your group leader will read out the members weight losses and hand out award stickers to members who have lost weight, if there are members that have reached Goal Weight they will be handed their Goal Weight Certificates, current promotions happening as well news and events will be discussed , thereafter a motivational talk would be given motivating you for the coming week , members that require one on one with the group leader or an explanation of the plan remain after the talk for the group leader to assist

  9. All foods allowed in the Weigh-Less Eating Plan are therefore defined in the Food List as either Good, Better, Best or Non-essential, so as to educate you on how to make appropriate food choices. The Best Choice foods are the most effective in weight management and health promotion, whilst Better and Good Food choices have less nutritional value respectively. Therefore, within each food group, you get foods with the most health-enhancing properties (classified as BEST CHOICE on Weigh-Less) and you get foods with the least health-enhancing properties (classified as GOOD CHOICE or NON-ESSENTIAL GROUPS on Weigh-Less).