Why Weigh-Less?

Our mission at Weigh-Less is for every member to attain and maintain their ideal weight, the healthy way. Weigh-Less is built on years of understanding of how people who battle with weight feel, and the tools and support we have put in place to support our members. We have always regarded you, our Member, as the most important person in the organisation. As such, we place you and your specific needs at the centre of everything we do; from advising you on the best food choices for your unique lifestyle and personality profile, to putting in place a unique weight loss plan that truly is best for you.

On the day that you join, you will complete the enrolment form and based on the feedback you give, you will be screened according to your unique lifestyle, taking into account any medical concerns that you may have. Based on the feedback received, Weigh-Less will provide the best eating plan to suit your needs:



We are all different individual, and no two people are the same. We all have different personalities, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. Weigh-Less supports the embracing of your individuality, and for this reason we have designed an Eating Plan to best suit YOUR specific requirements and personality. On joining Weigh-Less you will be profiled according to your lifestyle factors indicated at enrolment, and be given an A, B, or C Profile. This is determined by your personality, lifestyle factors, health concerns, your goal timeframes, and the way you approach the food you eat.
You will be given Profile specific rules and coping strategies that can be found in your Profile Intervention Card. Your Profile also determines the rules of the eating plan that you will follow.

2.The Weigh-Less Formulae

Your Weigh-Less Formula is your ‘recipe’ for successful weight management, and as such the Weigh-Less Food Groups are the ‘ingredients’ to your recipe. When following any recipe, it is important to use the correct ingredients in the specified amounts, otherwise your recipe will ‘flop’! So too, when following your Weigh-Less Formula, you must include all the specified ingredients (Weigh-Less Food Groups) in the specified amounts.

The Formula that your Group Leader places you on will be determined by, among other things, your specific energy requirements, dietary, lifestyle and medical requirements. The Weigh-Less weight management programme promotes weight loss through an energy controlled eating plan. However, this alone is not enough to ensure good lifelong health. For this reason, we promote weight loss the healthy way by ensuring that all Members not only eat an energy-controlled diet, but also a healthy, balanced, nutritionally sound energy-controlled eating plan.

Weigh-Less has over 120 different Formula that meet our Members’ needs.

3. Your Food Lists

Your Weigh-Less Formula includes foods from each of the major food groups. Nutritionally speaking, there are no bad or junk foods. There are, however, bad eating patterns and habits.

All foods allowed in the Weigh-Less Eating Plan are therefore defined in the Food List as either Good, Better, Best or Non-essential, so as to educate you on how to make appropriate food choices. The Best Choice foods are the most effective in weight management and health promotion, whilst Better and Good Food choices have less nutritional value respectively. Therefore, within each food group, you get foods with the most health-enhancing properties (classified as BEST CHOICE on Weigh-Less) and you get foods with the least health-enhancing properties (classified as GOOD CHOICE or NON-ESSENTIAL GROUPS on Weigh-Less).

4. Food Symbols

Weigh-Less includes food symbols in the food lists to assist you in comparing foods and making the best choices based on your needs. The food lists also make it possible to choose the best food choices to optimise weight loss. They also help identify the nutritional value of certain foods, allowing you to avoid the foods that could be detrimental to your specific health needs, and include foods that could assist you in overcoming and managing certain lifestyle conditions such as IBS and Type 2 diabetes.

5. Your Goal Weight

At your first Weigh-Less Group meeting, your Group Leader will assign you a Weigh-Less Goal Weight that is based on your personal criteria of age, gender, bone structure, height, current weight and lifestyle habits. Your Goal Weight will be flexible and realistic, and most importantly, within a medically accepted, healthy range.

6. The Weigh-Less Best for You Plan

An explanation of your Weigh-Less Best for You Plan will be given to you when you join Weigh-Less. You can repeat this explanation to you at any stage along your walk with Weigh-Less. You can expect to be contacted by your Group Leader after your first Group meeting to make sure you are managing with your Plan, and to answer any questions you may have regarding your Weigh-Less experience. Important things to discuss with your Group Leader include: feeling hungry or very full on The Weigh-Less Best for You Plan, if there are certain foods that are unfamiliar to you or any foods you cannot eat, and if you require any assistance in understanding The Weigh-Less Best for You Plan.

7. The Weigh-Less Steps

Your total weight to lose will be divided into 10 Steps, each step with a new lifestyle or dietary rule, depending on your Profile. At each Step your Group Leader will advise you of your new Step Rules. You are encouraged to attend weekly group meetings, either online or in group, so that your Group Leader can monitor your weight loss progress and provide advice along with a short, motivational talk to get you excited for the week to come.

As a visual aid, plot your weight loss journey on your Weigh-Less Step Chart. It is of utmost importance that you attend and weigh in every week, not only to receive material and advice on weight loss, but also to hold yourself accountable.

8. Our Educational Support

In additional to menu plans and lots of delicious recipes, we provide Intervention Cards, designed to offer additional information and support our Members with specific dietary requirements, or any changes in lifestyle and medical conditions. You will be supplied with the relevant Intervention Cards as you encounter these specific challenges be it advice on how to make the weekend work, support and coping strategies should you be on holiday or not near your regular Group and additional weight loss tools and material through the various Weigh-Less media.

9. Our support to you

At Weigh-Less we are passionate about helping every member achieve their goals. We promise you will be treated with kindness, respect and understanding and have full access to our support system. At the heart of Weigh-Less are our groups, whether online or in a venue, run by passionate and caring Group Leaders, where you also get the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of fellow members – to share, inspire and be inspired with ideas, recipes, coping strategies and planning tips. Motivational talks are designed to give you support in the form of conveying nutritional knowledge, as well as coping tips and guidelines. You will develop strategies for lifelong success.

Weigh-Less ensures that you have all the emotional, physical, and psychological support you need to attain and maintain your Goal Weight the healthy way. Your Group Leader is your main form of support and mentorship – look to them for advice and guidance.

Get connected! Our member’s only website, www.myweighless.co.za, hosts an array of motivational success stories, delicious Weigh-Less recipes, and health articles and your personal step related material.

As a Weigh-Less Member, you get access to our Members Only Facebook group. Share your thoughts, ideas, recipes, and daily motivation with Members the nation over. Simply email your Member number to, request to join the group on Facebook, and we will do the rest!